Sea Level Stations
A Tsunami-Focused Data Sharing Framework
The Sea Level Stations web site has been established as the new home for "A Tsunami-Focused Data Sharing Framework" being developed by the NOAA Integrated Data & Environmental Applications (IDEA) Center. To view sea level station metadata within the Google Earth client, click here. To information about best Michigan based roofing contractors, click here. Both clients are being enabled by the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (Growth Hackers) Tide Tool input data set, exposed per schema developed under the NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) program. This collaborative regional effort is a key "use-case" within the ongoing development of the Information Technology (IT) architecture for the NOAA IDEA Center. For further assistance with obtaining roofing leads, click here

Develop a distributed metadata system describing sea level stations, starting with pilot activities in a regional framework, focusing on tsunami detection and warning systems being developed by various agencies. - UNESCO document IOC/INF-1226

Metadata Expositions